Comfort Food and Christmas Lights

My family loves to go look at Christmas lights.  Every year we make the treck up to Hoopeston and Rossville and drive through the parks to see the beautiful light displays.  This year we even got to go to the parade in Rossville which was very chilly!  However it did give me an excuse to wear my Lularue Holiday leggings!
Since it was Saturday I usually do a soup for dinner.  I’m not sure what made me start doing that but through the fall and winter we love curling up with a warm bowl of homemade soup or stew or even chilli and eating some fresh bread.  It’s easily portable to the living room if we feel like watching a Christmas movie as a family, and I can make it in the morning and there’s no big clean up or trying to carve out time on a busy day to make dinner.
This Saturday I went a little bit of a different direction though.  I have been a little under the weather and wasn’t up for a whole lot of chopping and roux making so I went for a family favorite I could still make in the morning and throw in the crock pot for the evening.
Chilli mac is my husband and I’s favorite dish at Steak and Shake and this recipe tastes just like it!  The recipe is simple, it doesn’t take much time, and it reheats like a dream!

Chilli Mac
2 pounds of hamburger
1 pack of Chilli Man seasoning
Worcester sauce
1 bottle of ketchup
16 oz macaroni noodles

Boil water for your noodles
Brown your hamburger and do NOT drain the grease!
Put your noodles into your water.  Now, if you are going to put this in the crockpot like I did don’t cook your noodles all the way through or they will be over cooked.  I cooked mine for about four minutes at the boil and put them in the crockpot on warm for a few hours and they were cooked perfectly.
Add the entire bottle of ketchup, pack of chilli man, and two to three tablespoons of worcester sauce.

Stir it all up, you will be able to smell that tangy goodness!
Now you can either throw sauce in with your noodles and serve immediately, or spray your crockpot with Pam, toss in the half cooked noodles and the sauce and leave it warm until supper time!
Now no Saturday dinner would be complete without something sweet for dessert.  I wanted something easy but still a little festive, and since I wasn’t feeling well the kids decided they would help me whip up this easy fudge.  Fun fact, all the ingredients for this recipe can be purchased at Aldi!

Easy Fudge
3 cups semi sweet chocolate chips
1 14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk
Optional toppings; Peppermint, sprinles, or Almonds


Please excuse my daughters chocolate face, she has been known to sneak in and grab some donuts
Start by boiling some water and pour your chocolate chip and condensed milk into a heat proof mixing bowl

Stir, stir stir!  Until it is a marshmellow fluff consistancy.
Take a small square dish (or circle, or heart, or whatever shape you want!) and put foil in it.  Spray the foil with Pam and pour the fudge right on there!
Smooth it as best as you can and add your topping.  I let the kiddos put their touch on it with their sprinkles.
Pop it into the fridge and after two hours you are ready to enjoy!

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