Sharing the Love

Wrapping up our week of Valentines treats the kids and I decided we wanted to take our friends some surprise goodies!
I recently purchased some candy molds from a friend specifically because there were wedding themed molds, and another friend of mine is getting married.  I love candy suckers and my kids can’t get enough of them so I dug through the molds and there, low and behold, were Valentine molds!  So I gathered up what I had left of my candy melts and chocolate chips and started melting!
Chocolate Candy Suckers
Candy Melts of your color choice
Semi-sweet chocolate chips


So you’re going to start by melting the chocolate chips.  They definitely take the longest and are the most involved of this whole process
I had about one and a quarter cup of chocolate chips and dropped three tablespoons of butter in with it
Boiled a pot of water and put a heat resistant bowl on top with the chocolate chips and butter in it
Careful not to let the bowl touch the water so the chocolate doesn’t burn, keep stirring the chocolate until it’s liquid and runny.  If it isn’t runny enough add more butter by half a tablespoon
Make sure your molds are room temperature and have NO WATER in them.  If you have to wash your molds first be sure to give them plenty of time to dry.  Water will ruin your design.
Melt your candy melts
If you are using sprinkles (I use sprinkles on everything) put them into the mold first
Pour your chocolate or candy melt in
I did red and pink, I had different molds but I mostly stuck with a solid color in the front and a chocolate back
I tried to swirl red and pink but I waited too long and the red was too hard.  if you are going to swirl do it immediately!
Put your sticks into the melt
I drizzled extra melt over the stick to keep it secure




Put your molds in the refrigerator
If you just used candy melts it will only take about twenty minutes
The candy should just fall out of the molds, otherwise it is not ready
If you use the chocolate it will take a few hours.  Mine took three hours to be ready.

I made about thirty suckers from my melts, and let me tell you we do not thirty of these things hanging around the house.  So we decided to take some to our friends!
Of course we also enjoyed some ourselves, and I packed some for the truck driver to take to work.  I’m sure he has looked super manly with all of his pink heart treats this week!
And one little cutie really enjoyed his taste!

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