Valentine’s for My Valentine!

Last weekend I got to go out with my husband for some much needed alone time.  We had a date night for New Years Eve, but I got sick from the dinner we ate. (We went out to eat it was not my cooking before you throw out any recipes you’ve saved from me)
We got all fancied up and went out with another couple for some free food and entertainment provided by the husbands work.  After the first comedian we decided to head to the local winery…but a train was stuck on the tracks and we didn’t have enough time to go around, so our date night got cut short.  But, it was still fun and we got to be grown ups for a little while…I mean I guess that’s what we were…
But it’s time for back to reality and Richard has 9 billion routes the next few days.  So since I will miss him I wanted to make him some special treats to take in the truck.  Valentines themed of course, because he is my Valentine!
Chocolate Cookie Truffles
Chocolate cookie sandwiches
8 oz cream cheese
Almond Bark
Candy melts of any color you’d like
Sprinkles (if you want!)

Break up two sleeves of the cookies and put them into a food processor
Blend the cookies until they are very fine
Put the cookies in a mixer (or just a bowl if you don’t have a mixer)
Cut up cream cheese and drop into the cookies
Combine Cookies and Cream cheese until they are fully combined
Line a cookie sheet with wax paper
Roll the cookie mix into balls ( I usually make nickle sized balls, any bigger and they’re too rich for me to eat at once and no one wants a half eaten cookie truffle sitting around.  But since these are for Richard who is a giant, I made them bigger.  Just depends on how you like them!)

Stick the balls into the freezer for at least twenty minutes to an hour
Melt your Almond bark and Candy Melts
Dip the ball into the Almond Bark and get a good coating on it (If you have time doing this step twice male the coating cover the chocolate very well)
Use a fork to pull out the ball and tap on the side of the bowl to let the excess run off
Place the ball back onto the wax paper
This next part is really just however you want to decorate them.  if they’re for a class treat or for work maybe more uniformly, but since they were for my husband and I let the kids help we went with fun over pretty.  Can you tell?
I will say if you’re going to use sprinkles be sure to put them on while the coating is still wet!  It dries so fast!

Put them back in the freezer for twenty to thirty minutes to let the coating harden
And these are all done!  I put them in some Tupperware on the counter and we can grab one whenever we want.  Or in the case of these I put a few in a baggie for the hubby to take on his trip!

So I’ve got a whole sleeve left of these cookies (okay I didn’t have a whole sleeve I ate like five of them and my kids ate a few when they thought I wasn’t looking)
But the point is I have a weird amount left over.  So I decided to make him a little treat with a message on it!
Cookie Suckers with Message
Chocolate cookie sandwiches
Popsicle sticks
Candy Melts

Take cookies apart and lay them out on wax paper
Put a little bit of icing on each side of the tip of a Popsicle stick
Put iced tip in the middle of one side of the cookie
Gently press the top back on
Melt your candy melts in the microwave
Carefully dip the cookie into the melt (You may have to spoon some on the cookie as well to get it completely covered)
Put the cookie back on the wax paper
Decorate with sprinkles quickly!  the coating dries quickly!
Once you have done this for all of your suckers stick them in the freezer for at least twenty to thirty minutes
After the coating if fully dry take a sharpie and write your message on your Popsicle stick!
And there you have it!  Some special treats for my hard working hubby.  Hopefully at three a.m. they make him smile!

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