The Super Bowl, what can I say? People have parties, watch football, root for their team, and just generally have a great time.
My son plays football and he loves it…my dad is a huge Colts fan, he watches football the way I watch Walking Dead, a lot of yelling, jumping up and down, and maybe some crying at the end. I can not follow a game of football for my life. Last year I cheered for the team Michael Oher was on entirely because I like that Blind Side movie. I can’t even remember the team name. But I never miss the Super Bowl.
Nine years ago almost to the day this Super Bowl I was eating (Probably) an entire caseys pizza and was 36 weeks pregnant. My friend said- “wouldn’t it be funny if you had the baby tonight? He would be a Super Bowl baby!”
Super Bowl ended, I went into my room and turned on some Law & Order SVU, rolled over and at the moment was pretty sure I had just wet the bed. Oh no, it was my water. Less than twelve hours later my first son was born via emergency C-Section. He weighed ten pounds..and as I’m writing this I’m wondering why it took me so long to put him in football….
So since that night I don’t miss a Super Bowl! The commercials and the game are great, but remembering the excitement of having my first born is the best part for me.


So let’s get to the food y’all…I don’t plan on having any more babies but I definately plan on eating more food!
I’ve got three recipes to share and they are all touch downs!  (Does that work?  it doesn’t seem to have quite the same ring to it as home run…)
I would like to give a shout out to my hubby for helping me out!  We made this for dinner and our house was kind of hectic with the in-laws there working on the bathroom and running kids to birthday parties…If he hadn’t helped me out I would probably still be crying about my greasy wings and cheese sticks!

Queso DipPicture
A pound or a little less of hamburger
A can of diced tomatos and chiles
Taco seasoning
Melting cheese
Splash of milk or cream

So this one is super easy, you can make it in the morning and then just put it in the crock pot on warm, or you can make it right before.  Either way this is an easy tasty dip!

Start by browning your hamburger
While that is cooking cut up your melting cheese into smaller pieces and throw them in a sauce pan over medium heat
Make sure to keep stirring the cheese so it doesn’t burn!
Add a splash of milk or cream to get the cheese nice and smooth
Once the hamburger is cooked drain it and mix in the taco seasoning
When the cheese is smooth add the tomatoes and chiles
Add the hamburger mix to the cheese mix and viola!  Queso!
Easy Mozzerlla Sticks
Mozzerella string cheese
Italian bread crumbs
2 eggs
Splash of milk
2 cups of flour
Vegetable oil/shortening for frying
Start by setting up your stations
The eggs and milk in one bowl
flour in another
Bread crumbs on a plate
Then the cheese sticks in half
Roll them in flour
Dip in the egg
Lay them on the bread crumbs and cover

Lay the breaded cheese stick on a wax paper lined cookie sheet
Once all the sticks are breaded put them in the freezer for twenty minutes.  This way when you fry them the cheese doesn’t just melt!


Heat your grease to 375 degrees and fry the sticks in batches
They took about two minutes a stick and we served with some prego dipping sauce!


Honey Barbecue Chicken Wings
Chicken wingsimg_0100
4 eggs
1/4 cup buttermilk
1 tbs ceyenne pepper
2 tbs salt
2 cups of flour
1 cup cornstarch


img_0102Honey Barbecue Sauce
2 cups of ketchup
1/2 cup brown sugar
4 tbs honey
3 tbs turmeric
1/2 cup Dijon mustard
2 tbs chili powder


Whisk together the egg, cayenne, salt, pepper, and buttermilk
In a bag combine the flour, cornstarch and 1 tbs salt
Shake up the bag!

Toss the wings in the wet and put them in the flour bag and shake!
Put the wings on a wire rack and let them rest 20 minutes.

While those are resting go ahead and mix up your sauce
Take all the sauce ingredients and put them in a sauce pan. Whisk together and let simmer 10-15 minutes
Heat your oil up to 375 degrees and fry wings in batches. Be sure to make sure they are cooked through! No one wants Salmonella.

Toss the wings in the sauce and serve them up!

So there you have it, three recipes for some delicious Super Bowl snacks!
Do you have some favorite game day snacks? Tell me about them in the commentsimg_0160


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  1. Those wings look delicious! I usually male buffalo wings, but I may have to switch it up this year. One of my go-to snacks for the Super Bowl are potato skins.


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