Snacks You Can Count On

Am I the only one who’s kids come home from school acting like they’ve spent 40 years in the dessert?  Like, I’m pretty sure Moses and the Israelites were less hungry wandering the dessert than my kids make it seem like they are after seven hours of school.

Which by the way includes a breakfast on the way- a snack for my daughter- and a lunch I pack them that never comes home completely eaten.

Most days it’s a yogurt or a cheese stick until dinner, but on those nights I know we won’t be eating until 7 or 8 I know I need something a little more substantial to hold them over. As tempting as it is to swing through McDonalds and grab a burger I do my best to refrain….and here are a couple of my go to snacks!

Hawaiian Bread Pizza


Hawaiian sub rolls

Pizza sauce (or left over spaghetti sauce)

Mozzarella cheese slices

Shredded cheese

Whatever you want as toppings

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees

Lay out your sub buns on a greased cookie sheet

Spread the sauce on the buns

Sprinkle the shredded cheese on

Put your toppings on ( we did pepperoni)

Slice up the mozzarella and layer it on the pizza. This helps hold the toppings on and looks cool

Put the pizzas in the oven for 8-10 minutes until cheese is melted

Let them cool a few minutes and serve!  We even put a couple in a baggie and took them to practices with us!

The thing I love about this next snack is that it has Greek yogurt and fruit so it at least makes me feel like I’m feeding my kids a healthy snack and it has protein! Plus it looks kinda pretty 💕
Kid Friendly Sushi



Greek yogurt

Fruity pebbles

Blackberries halved or strawberries quartered

Get your banana naked

This is Troy’s “don’t look at my naked banana” face 😝

Spread the yogurt onto the banana

It’s easier if you cut the banana in half but Troy wanted to do it his way…what do I know I’m just the food blogger 🙄 just kidding I’m totally flying by the seat of my pants here

Pour some fruity pebbles into a plate

Once you banana is covered in the yogurt lay it on your plate of fruity pebbles

Scoop up the cereal on the sides and sprinkle them on top. I initially tried rolling them around but that just crushed the cereal

Cut banana into bite sized pieces and top with your halved fruit!

They’re a little messy but still something you could put in a baggie and go with. Just being some napkins…I always have wipes because I have that tiny human who still poops in his pants…but paper towels are good too.

I don’t even mind the poo 😍😍

I hope your weekend is great!  I hope you enjoy the Super Bowl….if you make some of my recipes share it in the comments or on the Facebook page! See you all Monday💕


5 thoughts on “Snacks You Can Count On

  1. This look delicious! And yes, my kids also come home like they hadn’t eaten since the day before, too 😒. I never thought to use the Hawaiian rolls to make many pizzas. And my kids love bananas and yogurt as afternoon snacks, so rolling them in cereal is an awesome idea.


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