Birthday Favorites!!

Today is my birthday!  It is also my last birthday, I will no longer celebrate them after this year…..I’m pretty sure I found gray hair.

Since it’s my birthday I am doing a give away on the Facebook page and Instagram!  Go check them out to enter!

For my birthday I thought I would share my current favorite things.  I see these kinds of posts all the time and I love them, but since I actually cook everything I post making a five favorite recipes post every month could get expensive.  So you will just have to settle for my five favorite things in  my birthday month!



Okay seriously who does not love LulaRoe right now?  It is so soft and comfortable!  I love that they have stuff I can wear to be comfortable on these freezing days and things I can wear to church on Sunday.

Sometimes when you’re busty it can hard to find clothing that’s both modest and fashionable, LulaRoe is definitely both!  I ordered my first Carly and I can not wait to wear it on Sunday morning.

They also have clothes for younger girls too!  Kaelin got her first outfit from my party and she wears it almost every day…buttery soft for real!




I had never been to a frozen yogurt place until Frozies came to our little city…and let me tell you I was definitely missing out all those years!

When I was pregnant I would dream of the brownie chunks covered in chocolate froyo….please excuse me while I drool….

The kids and I are planning on going today, Troy got a gift card for his birthday and Kaelin earned five dollars from the tooth fairy…and it’s my birthday so I’m getting froyo.

Fairy Wings and Sparkly Things


This little specialty shop is run locally by a mother daughter team.  We met them almost three years ago when Kaelin did a photo shoot for their tutus


Now we go to them for their specialty clothing….all their stuff is so cute!  I love it!  And they are truly sweet ladies!



img_0547I can not stop snapping…I am having way too much fun and I don’t care if you think I’m weird….I look forward to snapping my friend Desiree at least every ten minutes šŸ˜‰


So fun!


Valentines Stuff


This is kind of a twofer but I am loving my bright and colorful Valentines stuff!  Red is my favorite color and everything is so girly!  Not to mention my pen lights up!

Oh, and I got these both at the dollar store…for a dollar.


So there you have it!  Happy birthday to me and happy almost Friday to you!



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