Pregnancy Preference

When I was pregnant with baby number three I had Gestational Diabetes for the third time.  This meant I had to change my eating habits drastically, and stop eating fruit snacks every two hours…

Yes- I am a grown up.

Yes- I still eat fruit snacks and organize them by flavor before I eat them.

For whatever reason Mexican food always kept my blood sugar where it should be, and the plus side was I loved eating it!

Cian was born three weeks after this…I had probably consumed about 3,000 crunch wraps by then

One day I was pretty hangry and my husband was on his way home.  He called me and asked if he could pick me up something and I told him I wanted something from Taco Bell with nacho cheese on it…so much nacho cheese.

He came home with a crunch wrap supreme…and that’s when my love affair with the crunch wrap began.

However, a crunch wrap is like 4$ and buying one (or two) every day was starting to add up…so I decided to make some of my own!

Crunch Wrap (Supreme)


8 Tostadas

1.5 Pounds hamburger

1 Pack of taco seasoning

Melting Cheese


Diced tomatoes

8 Burrito size shells

Sour Cream

Brown the hamburger, drain, and add the taco seasoning


Melt the cheese as you brown the hamburger


Set up a station to assemble your crunch wraps


Pull out one of your burrito shells, you are going to tear this one apart

Start by making a circle of hamburger on a burrito shell

Mix some cheese into your hamburger.  Now the reason I don’t just mix up the cheese and hamburger is because it tends to lump together once it’s off the stove, but if you can set up your station so your cheese mixture stays hot, more power to you!


Take a Tostada and put some sour cream on it and place that on top of the hamburger mixture.

Now, I don’t usually put tomatoes on mine because I don’t like them, so you’ll have to use your imagination.  But, when I went to make these my lettuce had gone bad….but that didn’t break anyone’s heart so I didn’t go get any…so more imagination…and maybe some judging for my lack of veggies.

I put some shredded cheese on top of the Tostada, but usually that is where your tomatoes and shredded lettuce go

Put a skillet on the stove over low/medium heat and spray with non-stick spray

Tear off a piece of that extra Burrito shell and place it right in the middle

Fold the burrito shell up around the Tostada and press it just enough so it doesn’t immediately fly open.

Place the crunch wrap on the skillet seams down


Cook them 2-5 minutes a side, depending on how hot your skillet is.  Careful when flipping them!

If you have left over meat and cheese (which I usually do) grab a can of tomatoes and chiles, and make an easy queso dip!   It means no half a bar of melting cheese hanging in the fridge…which I never seem to find a way to use before it goes bad.







11 thoughts on “Pregnancy Preference

  1. What a fun copycat recipe for Taco Bell’s Crunch Wrap! And I love the tip about how to use the leftover meat and cheese – turn it into a dip. It’s almost lunch time and now you have me thinking about Mexican food! LOL


  2. I sneak a pack or two of my girls’ fruit snacks from time to time myself. 😉 This looks like a great option for Taco Tuesday.


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