Going Amish for Easter

Hey all!  Is everyone getting excited for the Easter holiday?  Church clothes bought? Bunny pictures taken? Baskets put together?

Then you are way better than me because I have none of that done 😳

We were so busy on spring break, the kids are back in school so I can “hop” off to the store and get all of these things checked off the list!

Although-I should probably take the kids for the bunny pictures. Might get weird if they aren’t there. 

On our last big trip for spring break we headed down to Bourbon Missouri where my dad and step-mom live. 

We went to Meramac Springs and got to see the fish. Which was way more fun than it sounds 😉

We got to feed the fish and walk around the springs. It was really beautiful!  There are canoes and trails I’d love to explore some time, maybe this summer!

We usually make this trip on Easter and spend the weekend with my brothers and their families, but my husband new route didn’t make that possible. We did get to enjoy three days with grandparents though ❤️

So this Easter will be here at home, and I am trying out some dishes. I started with one of my favorites; Amish Macaroni Salad!  I seriously love this so much sometimes I make a big batch and just eat on it all week. 

Please don’t judge me 😂

Amish Marcaroni Salad


12 oz Elbow macaroni cooked

1 red pepper chopped

3 stalls chopped celery

4 hard boiled eggs diced

1/2 onion diced

Dressing Ingredients 

2 cups Miracle Whip

2 tbs dill pickle relish

3 tbs yellow mustard 

2 tsp white vinegar

1/4 cup sugar 

1 tsp celery seed

1/2 tsp salt

Combine all the dressing ingredients and mix well with a whisk

Gradually add the egg, celery, onion, pepper, and cooked noodles 

Add some salt and pepper to taste and refrigerate an hour before serving!


17 thoughts on “Going Amish for Easter

  1. Yay for fun family time!

    We have dresses done, but I’m not sure what their Easter gift will be. We usually do one item (like a book or journal) rather than a bunch of small stuff (since they get that from grandparents!). I’m thankful for a “late” Easter this year–it doesn’t really feel like spring yet here in Iowa.


    1. I am struggling with the gift this year! We try to do an outfit and some outside toys, I saw someone fill a baby pool and used hoola hoops as the “handle”. It was super cute


  2. Yummy yummy! I need Easter recipes and this looks perfect! I’m also trying ot figure out what to get the kids for their baskets and whether to do an egg hunt!


  3. How fun!! We love taking road trips and just got back from one ourselves. We used to live in central PA, so this recipe makes me think back to that time.


  4. That salad sounds yummy! We don’t have any Easter plans set in stone yet, either–we’re party of a Good Friday service at our church, but other than that no plans.


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