Easter Jiggles!

The kids have been back in school for three days now, and so I have been laying around, relaxing, eating bonbons…

Just kidding! 😂 Somehow I’ve been more busy!  I’m sure after this week it will slow down…

Oh what’s that?  I thought it would slow down?  Better volunteer to coach my daughters soccer team. 😂😂

So I wanted to make a fun after school snack that I could make early (I am way more active in the morning. By 3pm I am running entirely on prayer and caffeine) and I wanted it to be Easter themed!  What better snack than some Jello-O jigglers like my mom used to make. 

Now my mom had the coolest jell-o molds, but I didn’t have time to ask her for them. So I used something I had already that you probably have too!

Easter Jell-O Jigglers


6 oz flavored jell-o

3 oz unflavored gelatin

3 cups boiling water

In a medium sized bowl combine the water and the jell-o. Stir well

Add the unflavored gelatin and whisk it all together

Pour the mixture into a 9×13 baking dish

Put in the fridge until firm, it took three hours for me. 

When the jell-o “jiggles” to the touch pull it out and grab some Easter cookie cutters!

I recommend laying them out like this to make your plan to cut out. With cookies you can just re-roll the dough,  but you can’t combine jell-o scraps. You can definitely eat them though…just saying 😉

Press the cutters down gently, one at a time

Carefully use a spoon to pull out your jiggler!

These were also great because the kids could carry them to the car as we dashed to figure skating practice! 


12 thoughts on “Easter Jiggles!

  1. These are so cute and such an easy way to add an Easter flair to a jello dessert. I’ve never cooked/baked with gelatin, but this recipe definitely inspires me to try! Thanks!


  2. I love jello jigglers! I had completely forgotten about these! Thanks for the remider and I can’t wait to make some with my kids!


    1. I was a little nervous because for some reason in the last when I make jello it had this weird foam on it. I was super happy they turned out!


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